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and start receiving notifications, messages and documents on your devices. Instead of walking to your notice board, save time – use Professional Databoy.

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Now you can stay on top of things in all your courses. Start using Professional Databoy and we’ll send you updates from your lecturers direct to your phone and computer.

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Core Features

The Hub

Everything you need to stay up to date with all your courses is in one place. To access The Hub simply type in your browser.

Responsive Design

PD works great across multiple devices. You can use Professional Databoy on your compter, smartphone or tablet with ease.

Web & Push

Receive notifications about class, tutorials & handouts when you’re in your browser and even when you have your phone in your pocket.

Ask a Monk

Get help finding solutions to difficult problems. You can post pictures of questions or even entire tutorial sheets or type them out.

Built for slow speeds

Access Professional Databoy even with limited internet connectivity. PD was built taking fully into account possible slow internet.

Online Support

If you need help using Professional Databoy you can easily contact our support team. We’re happy to assist when we can.

Professional Databoy – Improve your Academic Life

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